The media have been very successful recently in ensuring the average house owner has been left perpetually scratching their heads whenever the word “Mortgage” is mentioned.

A common funding process for local clientele is the notion of buying without the need to sell. Releasing funds to facilitate a move and rent out your current home can help in many ways, from tax efficiency to the most common reason; simply allowing move that otherwise could not happen. It’s a simple number crunching exercise for us in the first instance and one we do daily so feel free to ask and we can advise. “Interest rates”, mortgaging” and “when to leave your existing lender” are all hot topics in 2011 and currently something worth researching to ensure you end up with both current advice and the most competitive mortgage. Part of this process will heavily rely on some form of credit check which invariably will form the cornerstone of every lending decision.

Not sure of your credit rating? Try or and all will be revealed; whilst your credit rating can easily be damaged it can also be proactively repaired if flagged up early on.

In short, lending is now done on a meticulous, bespoke basis whereby the tiniest variants between two cases can change the overall outcome. This needn’t be a problem, but you might need some help!

Marcus Gunn is a Director of Carbon Financial Services