On Sunday the 10th June 2012, a cool, damp, spring morning, whilst most people were still tucked up warmly in their beds, Gareth Davies from our Cobham office was setting off from Port Talbot in South Wales to complete the Dragon Ride, known by many as one of the toughest cycle challenges in the UK.  The course was over 200 km long and ascended a total vertical elevation of over 10,000 ft.  Gareth says, “The course was tough.  I had never done that amount of climbing or distance in one day before and the idea of climbing as much as 1800 ft in a single climb was new to me too.  So I set off with a group and we agreed to pace ourselves sensibly and take advantage of the three well stocked feed stops. My total time of 9h 46 wasn’t exactly gold medal standard but it gives me a target to prepare for next year.”