We know that “in a people business, people matter!” Ours is a private, independent company and we treat each member of the team as an individual. We also set stretching goals and we expect them to be achieved in an environment of zeal and enthusiasm.

We are tremendously proud of the team we have, and in any contact hope you will immediately recognise the competencies that we believe set us apart from the crowd:

  • People with a true passion for excellence and customer service
  • People who love what they do
  • People with a professional approach
  • People who truly “go the extra mile”

If you see a glass trophy with a brilliant silver star atop, on the desk of one of our people, you’ll know that you are dealing with our ‘absolute star’ of the month. We know success when we see it and we reward, recognise and encourage excellence in all we do. Our people are well paid, trained, cherished and more than anything recognised; they work hard and they play hard.

If you like our philosophy and would like to explore the possibilities of a career in any aspect of our business, then contact our MD, Ian Davies, who takes a personal interest in every single member of the Grosvenor Billinghurst team:

The ‘Grosvenor Billinghurst’ group was originated in 1991 by Robert Gascoigne-Pees, previously of the eponymous Surrey estate agency that bore his family name.

In 2002 Robert was joined by Ian Davies, following which the business has expanded to embrace a number of residential estate agency branches and further property related activities.

Our individual estate agency branches have a rich history themselves. For example, our branches in Claygate and Hinchley Wood have a company history that stretches back more than 80 years; in Woking the business in Church Path was established some 70 years ago; while in Cobham and Esher our people have intimate local knowledge even connected to decades of their own residency in this leafiest of Surrey’s finest. The ease with which homes change hands has itself changed in that time, but our commitment to our customers and clientele remains unwavering.