On Sunday our resident cycle nut, Gareth, embarked on a fresh challenge with an old GB colleague Alastair and his brother James.  The challenge was to ride from  Walton-On-Thames to Alastair’s parents B&B in Duloe, Cornwall in just three days.  Day one took ‘the boys’ from Walton-On-Thames to Salisbury, Day two from Salisbury to Honiton, Day three from Honiton across Dartmoor to Duloe.  The journey covered 220 miles and a total vertical elevation gain of over 16,500ft.

Gareth said, “It was such a great challenge, we weren’t blessed with the best weather, but equally it could have been far worse. The toughest section was on the last day when we were on top of the moors with tired (3 days tired) legs and a cold wind coming head on, all we wanted was a little push but there was no such luck. The best part was the elation on arrival and the freshly prepared roast banquet that followed!”