Gareth Davies

Managing Director, in Cobham

I’ve been with GB since 2004. I joined as a trainee at our Hinchley Wood office straight after my A-Levels, making that 17 years this September. I’ve always really enjoyed being part of a bigger team and all my colleagues make this a special place to work. My sister, Claire, joined GB last year and is my ‘right-hand woman’, we’ve got a great relationship and I speak with her every day. I love how the job varies from week to week, home to home, and person to person. No two deals are the same and we can always add value through great communication, advice and customer service. My Dad, Ian Davies, first formed the business in 2002 and only just recently retired, handing me the reins in the process. It’s a tremendous honour to take over the reins as he’s always been an inspirational leader and mentor for me – the ultimate sounding board.

Tell us about you outside of work

My daughter, Florence is 5 and goes to Polesden Lacy Infant school. She’s a smashing little person who I love spending my free time with. My main hobby is cycling – a combination of road and off-road, I’ve been an active member of a local cycling club since 2009 and regularly take part in events around the U.K and overseas. My other passion is cooking. I’ve got a Big Green Egg and an Ooni Pizza oven so I’m often cooking outdoors regardless of the weather. Christmas Turkey was smoked in “The Egg” last year, and leftovers were slim.

What’s your favourite bit of a house?

Always the kitchen for me, the opportunity to combine gadgets, cooking, entertaining, and of course, that’s where the drinks are kept!

Fun Fact

I’ve got a big “shark-bite” scar across my stomach from a lifesaving operation I had in Turkey aged only 6mo. Not fun but pretty cool I think.

One thing you’ve taken from the last year

I was meant to be a qualified skipper by now but that’s had to be postponed to next year… I’ve used the last 12 months as an opportunity to gain deeper connections with friends and family. I find it so reassuring, that in these times of physical distance we’ve connected more closely than ever before. The press is full of negative news stories but there’s some really great positive ones out there to hang on to.

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