Property valuations: a guide for Surrey property owners

Have you wondered how Surrey estate agents decide what your home is worth? Perhaps more of an art than a science, however coming to a figure is more than a ‘finger in the air’ process. Grosvenor Billinghurst shares how it values property and invites you to book a free valuation so you can discover a realistic sale price for your property.

Can I look online for my home’s value?
The internet is a wondrous thing in terms of quickness. Although it lacks accuracy and personal touch, using an online valuation tool is a good starting point. However, it will pull average figures from regional sources or deliver a broad ‘from and to’ value that may not be specific to your property.

What impacts the value of my home?
Let’s start with the physical. The decor, fixtures, home improvements and the property’s precise location affect your home’s value. During a valuation, Grosvenor Billinghurst also takes into account your timescales. If you need to move quickly, we may advise an amount designed to attract the most buyers in the quickest time.

It is an accumulation of these factors that helps us understand a property, reaching a figure that isn’t so high that it deters interest. But isn’t so low that it undersells your home!

Should I choose a local or national agent to value my home?
Surrey has a property microclimate that only local estate agents living and working in the county will understand. Most often, the advice is to choose a community-based business that specialises in where you live.

Grosvenor Billinghurst is an estate agent in Surrey - working in Cobham, Claygate, Woking and Hinchley Wood areas. Owing to our local significance, we have immediate access to recent sales records and ‘real-time’ data on current buyer demand. Additionally, we track all properties for sale in your locality with historical knowledge of the appropriate property prices. All of our valuers have been working in their respective areas for over a decade, so fully understand the nuances of each marketplace.

What happens in my property appraisal?
After our introduction, we will conduct a thorough tour of your property, both the interior and the exterior. We may take measurements and ask questions about any modifications you may have made. The information required will include extensions or loft conversions. We will present you with comparable properties - those that have recently sold and those currently for sale. With these comparisons, you can see where our valuation sits on the broader market and what potential buyers will also be considering.

Can I get a free house valuation in Surrey?
Absolutely yes! There is no need to pay for a valuation as it should be offered without cost by a good estate agent. Why not book a free house valuation in Surrey with Grosvenor Billinghurst? One of our experienced valuers will be pleased to visit at a time that suits you best. The appointment should take no more than an hour.

Is there any obligation to sell?
No, there is no obligation to sell your home, we understand that as one of their biggest assets, many homeowners are curious to know the value of their property. We also conduct valuations for landlords looking to remortgage.

Feel free to talk to us about your circumstances.
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