Why city tenants are turning to rental properties in Surrey

“The appeal of living in quieter areas with more green spaces is becoming too attractive to ignore for tens of thousands of renters.” So says property expert Miles Shipside of Rightmove, explaining why renters are turning away from city life.

Recently the number of city dwellers searching online for village properties has increased by a massive 125 percent.  But research shows that properties in villages within commuting distance of a city are attracting much greater interest than those in out-of-the-way locations.

The end of the office?

Since the pandemic first took hold in the spring of this year, millions of people have been working from home. This has proved so successful that the London Chamber of Commerce recently reported that 13 percent of its business leaders have considered letting go of their commercial office spaces.

According to a survey carried out by Legal & General, London residents are now almost twice as likely to be planning a home move as those living in other UK cities.  It’s not hard to understand why the pandemic restrictions have hit Londoners so hard. Working on computer screens set up in kitchens and bedrooms and with limited access to outdoor space, it’s no wonder these city dwellers have started to dream of renting a rural property with home office space and a garden.

Lifestyle reset

The experience of living and working at home has led many London renters to press the reset button on their lifestyle choices.  With as many as one in ten employees now hoping to work from home permanently, the lure of living in a more spacious property, close to the idyllic countryside, is proving irresistible.

That’s why Londoners in search of property to rent are turning to Surrey.  This lovely county, with quaint villages and bustling towns set amidst areas of outstanding natural beauty, offers a blissfully short commute into London. Depending on your home’s location, your journey to the capital could be anywhere between 21 and 55 minutes.

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