How do you ice skate step by step?

1. Wear lots of lightweight layers, bring nice warm gloved and don’t forget your helmet if you’re accident-prone.

2. Carefully step onto the ice, holding the barrier. Place your feet in a V shape with your toes pointing outwards and start with small marching steps. Once you have your balance, continue marching but being to let go of the barrier.

3. Always look ahead and not down as this will hinder your balance. Put your chin upwards and point your arms out and begin gliding on the ice by pushing eat foot diagonally backward. Make sure your weight is always over your front foot.

4. If you feel yourself starting to fall, squat down to encourage a fall onto your bottom. Push your feet between your hands and push down on the ice the get back up again.

5. Skating etiquette states you always skate in an anticlockwise direction, sticking to the edges of the rink if you’re a beginner.


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