Surrey property: the answer to lockdown’s green dreams

A nationwide study of 2,000 adults recently carried out by the Skipton Building Society has shown that six out of ten British homeowners want to move this year, after their experience of the coronavirus pandemic. Forty-five per cent of those surveyed suggested they would like a larger garden or outdoor area. For London residents who have dreamed of wide-open spaces during the lockdown, the solution could be to buy a property in Surrey.

How lockdown has shaped our views

It seems that lockdown has made many of us rethink the way we live, especially when it comes to our connection with nature. There has been a realisation of the vital role green open spaces play in our lives. Whether it’s a park, a nature reserve or a location with outstanding rural views, living near an open green area is no longer viewed as a pleasant add-on, but as an essential feature of the home search.

While juggling full-time jobs and homeschooling children, you may have also recognised a need for more garden space, bigger kitchens and better work from home facilities. It’s not a surprise that more than a quarter of respondents in the survey said they wanted room for a home office.

Why green is right for you

Spending time in a natural environment is not only great for your mental health, it can also help with everything from improving short term memory to lowering blood pressure. Maybe that’s why estate agents in Surrey are busier than ever post lockdown as they handle calls from Londoners eager to enjoy a healthier, more peaceful lifestyle.

Surrey has a huge array of green spaces, ranging from parks to heritage sites and open countryside. Many have received prestigious Green Flag awards for public accessibility, safety and environmental excellence. Aside from these designated public spaces, Surrey residents can also enjoy the outstanding natural beauty of the countryside, from lovely villages to woodland areas (the Surrey Hills boasts almost 40% woodland cover) and open fields.

Talk to local estate agents in Surrey

Surrey offers a wide range of fantastic properties, from homes near towns with good access to transport to away-from-it-all rural retreats. If you’re planning to move to this beautiful county, it’s advisable to talk with a local agent first. At Grosvenor Billinghurst, we can offer a wealth of exceptional properties to buy or rent as well as extensive local knowledge. We pride ourselves on being a boutique, independent agent meaning all of our staff are experts within their respective areas. So why not get in touch with us and tell us what you need from your ‘green dream’ home?

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